Advantech Embedded-IoT Group

As a global leader of the embedded computing market, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group not only offers a wide range of embedded design-in services but also provides diverse integrated IoT solutions that assist customers with IoT adoption while minimizing uncertainty and risk. Advantech’s integrated IoT solutions include sensor nodes, gateways, Edge Intelligence Server (EIS), and the WISE-PaaS IoT software platform.

About Advantech

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Embedded Computing products and solutions that empower the development of smarter working and living. With Advantech, there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.

Advantech Global Services

Configure To Order Services

Advantech Configure To Order Services (CTOS) is an eBusiness service consisting of Web-based configuration tools, manufacturing services and Advantech global services for the ultimate system configuration solution

Features & Advantages

  • Provide customized chassis assembly, testing services, packaging and labeling
  • Two Years Global Warranty
  • One-stop integrated solution application ready platform include bare-bone system, completed system, and integrated system solution
  • Global Availability
  • Fast Delivery with Local Access
  • Reliability & Safety of Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2000 certified, Run-In stress testing, Temp. Chamber Burn-In, Hi-Pot & Leakage, Customer’s test kit/equip., Customized testing/Burn-in
  • OS Expertise: Microsoft OS, Embedded OS, Linux, Customer Supplied Software, Software Imaging & RAID, Setup/Server config., Activate/Register software

Customization Design (DTOS)

Advantech’s Design To Order Services (DTOS) includes a full range of customization services that offer a one-stop solution for customizing boards and system platforms. DTOS integrates strong engineering knowledge with cutting edge design technology, proven industrial ODM processes and know-how to provide comprehensive services that fulfill diverse customization demands.

Unique Advantages

  • Faster project development, lower risk by working with a trusted global leader for win-win solutions
  • Comprehensive and integrated backend infrastructure helps to streamline the design-in process
  • Flexible manufacturing capability and time to market
  • Deep domain knowledge to optimize specialized applications
  • Strict project management
  • Longevity design solutions

Global Logistics, Technical and Repair Support


Advantech’s worldwide Regional Service Centers offer global leverage for your support infrastructure, and always help to give quick responses to your customers’ changing business needs

Technical Support

Advantech’s Applications Engineering team is always ready to assist you. This dedicated group provides you and your customers with a comprehensive range of proven preventive, diagnostic, remedial, and repair services to solve all your technical problems

Advantech’s Regional Service/Repair Center locations:

  • Milpitas, America
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Kunshan, China
  • Beijing, China
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Tokyo, Japan


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