“OKEANOS” SOFTWARE for telecom operators

Ideal solution for telecom Operators to offer their
wholesale dealers a platform where they can build
their own business.

Risk Free Model

  • “Okeanos Telecom” now offers the perfect interface software
    for call termination, call management, billing, pricing, customer
    management, reporting and statistics among other features.
  • Monitor all aspects of your telecommunications
    with our smart online software.
  • Stay on top of your sales force online.
    Set goals and targets and monitor them real time.
  • Two Module software for operator and dealer.

Multilevel Management System

  • Operator to Dealer
  • Dealer to end User
  • Real time call monitoring
  • Web interface long distance billing
    management program for every level
  • Reporting multilevel analysis
  • Statistics multilevel analysis
  • Custom made modules to fit any need
  • Flexible and customizable pricing system
  • Flexible billing in a dynamic rates environment
  • Online real time per customer balance
  • Flexible customizable leastcost
    routing for operators
  • Attractive package prices
  • In house software development

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